Prepaid Account

Gain customer loyalty and increase share of wallet with a Prepaid Account.

How it works

Increase customer loyalty and share of wallet while letting your customers stay in control of their food budget with a Prepaid Account. The Prepaid Account is a feature that enables the user to transfer money to an account accessed through the app. The account can then be used through the app to pay with in your stores both online and physical. 

With this option for the customers to top up their accounts, the feature becomes a flexible tool in the customers everyday life. If the account is running low, your customers can get a free credit with one single click and receive credit payback to their Prepaid Account instantly. 

Benefit types

  • Make a Prepaid Account in your app which the user can top up with money and pay with
  • Give credit with one single click and receive credit payback to Prepaid Account instantly 

Coop Case

Prepaid Account customers increases share of wallet by over 25%

Prepaid Account customers have increased their basket of private label products by over 10%

The amount that an average Prepaid Account customer transfers each month is index 122 compared a regular Coop member.


For your customers

  • Control over food budget 
  • Free credit for grocery shopping
  • Pay easily with the app 

For retailers

  • Users with a Prepaid Account have in average a 25% higher turnover
  • Getting a Prepaid Account increases the monthly amount of visits a user has to the shop

Work great with following features

Real time bonus
Real time bonus


  • Increase customer loyalty by giving your Prepaid Account customers extra benefits such as increased bonus. 

Technical options

  • Solution can be delivered with and without e-money service. If delivered without e-money service an alternative e-money service is required. 
  • E-money service can be delivered with or without bank license. If delivered without bank license an alternative bank license is required. 

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