Scan & Pay

Frictionless and cost-saving shopping solution that builds customer loyalty and value

Seamless self-scanning & payment

Imagine you could help your customers all the way from grocery list creation at home to frictionless shopping in your store. The Lobyco Scan & Pay solution gives you this opportunity.


Frictionless shopping at customers’ own pace with self-scanning on their device.

The world’s most cost-efficient self-checkout kiosk solution.

Opportunity for age checks, rescans, and activation of QR-signs.

Administrative tool for Scan and Pay configurations in the individual stores.

Emergency POS and app to keep shops running if the physical POS servers are out of order.

Mobile Solution

The mobile app enables your customers to create shopping lists and easily scan and pay for items at their own pace in the store. Naturally, with built-in solutions to prevent fraud.


Scan & Pay also comes with the world’s most cost-efficient self-checkout kiosk solution that handles everything including items without barcodes and age checks for purchases like alcohol.

Employee App

Your employees have a complimentary app that provides guidance, security, and help— all designed to enable your employees to give your customers the best possible shopping experience.
Make rescans, sign activation, and age checks without a hassle. 


Revenue uplift after first Scan & Pay use

14 years

Lower average user age compared to regular members

Emergency POS

If you are concerned about the increased threat of hacker attacks or other situations that can put your physical POS out of order, help is also at hand with an emergency POS to keep shops running. Imagine feeling safe from downtime, even in the case of a major cyber attack?  Now you can

Administration Tool & Analytics

On top, you will have your own administrative tool that enables you to manage all stores using Scan & Pay and to tailor features to match your specific needs.

Driving real impact

For end-users

Relaxed shopping and no standing in line at the check out.

Monitor prices, discounts, and shopping list whilst shopping.

All purchases are saved as well as payments and bonuses.

For retailers

Free up hands to increase customer and employee satisfaction.

Not all customers are the same – Scan & Pay enables you to cover more segments.

Boost store visits and spend by more than 23% compared to non-users.

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