Helping 25% of Danish households shop smarter

Coop Denmark Case Study
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The Coop Journey

For more than a decade Coop has been ensuring great offers on high-quality food to their customers. But two years ago Coop started redefining the shopping experience in their stores by launching the Coop app – a membership app offering many great offers and fun experiences to the users.

Today the Coop app has more than 1.8 million users equivalent to 25% of all Danish households turning Coop into a true digital frontrunner in their industry.

Coop started their transformation from an analog member organization to a digital frontrunner more than 5 years ago and are constantly innovating on their app which caters not only for their own 1,8 million users but now also to other retailers that want to increase customer loyalty and boost repeat purchases from their customers.

Growth in repeat customer rate

Coop has experienced a 50% higher frequency among customers shopping with the app than other customers. Customers using the app to pay for their groceries can see their bonus increase instantly which definitely encourage them to come back for more.

Making life easier and increasing customer loyalty

Coop’s aim is to make life easier for their customers. Scan and Pay was developed to make shopping easier, so customers can scan their groceries as they shop and pay directly from their phone without queuing.

Learning from real shopping behaviour

As Coop learnt more about their customers and their shopping patterns, the more effectively they have been able to customise the app to their customers’ needs. With the launch of the Prepaid Food account, Coop saw customers using this feature spend 21% extra in store than other customers.


Increased engagement by rewarding customers

Much like an ongoing conversation with a close friend, Coop wanted to inform, predict, and guide their customers so the app shares the latest news with the customers from their local store, such as tasting events, as well as personal offers they can use aiming to increase customer engagement even more.