Reinvent the simplicity of self-checkout with our cost effective software, designed to enhance the customer experience


Shoppers scan items through their retailer app


Shoppers pay with their preferred method


Shoppers exit the store efficiently

Self-Checkout Software

Enabling a quick, efficient checkout experience for shoppers

Cut queues

Reduce queuing time and offer convenience to shoppers. Up to 30% of store transactions done of SCO in March

Empower shoppers

Shoppers can scan items, add those without a barcode, connect with loyalty account, and do full checkout. Payment with mobile app or with payment card

Universal compatibility

Hardware agnostic, we work with all different brands, tablets, payment terminals, scanners, printers and weight scales

Scan & Pay

Give shoppers convenience at their fingertips with self-scanning capabilities on their own phone so they can skip the line and even pay for their shopping in their app

Streamline operations

Save on operational costs by reducing interaction with team members or in-store POS systems

Tap into youth market

Connect with a younger audience - compared to other app users, Scan & Pay users spend more and are on average 9 years younger

Boost revenue

Scan & Pay users spend 12% more per month after they use Scan & Pay for the first time

Virtual POS

Process payments from Self-Checkout and Scan & Pay with Lobyco’s virtual POS that offers smooth integration

Seamless loyalty integration

Integration with existing loyalty app for digital receipt and bonus calculation

Effortless basket management

Basket Management with list price calculation, including barcode decoding

Flexible payment options

Payment registration using Pay Terminal, App or NFC

Efficient data management

Data Import and Cache for articles, taxes, promotions for each store

Loss Prevention Tech

Using psychological, technological and human solutions to protect margin

Stay alert

Shoppers are reminded by dialogs in-app and at self-checkout that they can be selected for spot checks

Advanced selection

Our market leading algorithm selects shoppers for spot checks based on suspicious basket behaviour, as well as configurable percentage

Enhanced security

Integration with exit gate systems add both psychological and technological loss-prevention

Attendant App

A powerful accompanying app to prevent shrinkage and protect retailers bottom lines

Empower employees

Employees are empowered to execute spot check rescans, age checks, see completed purchase receipts, or select suspicious shoppers for rescan on their next visit to store

Random check alert

If a shopper is selected for a random spot check, employees gets a notification in their attendant app to rescan a number of items before the customer can continue to payment

Emergency POS

Sleep soundly knowing your store is protected and can continue running and processing transactions if a major incident occurs

Quick Deployment

Get your emergency POS up & running within 2 weeks, including conducting payments by cash or with card payment by Softpay

Flexible scanning options

Items can be scanned by using the accompanying app camera, built-in scanning device, PLU codes or by price. EANs can also be typed in manually

Sustain loyalty

Keep your customers loyal by continuing to give rewards – scan the shoppers loyalty card or manually type in the number or shopper phone number

Ready to build personalised loyalty experiences?