Turn Loyalty into habits with a centralised loyalty management tool


Use Lobyco’s proven design to surface your engagement capabilities to customers


Choose to enhance your existing app by deploying engagement drivers with Lobyco UX


Use API’s to surface information or features within retailer-designed features

White-Label App

Use proven UX to deliver promotions, loyalty & checkout capabilities to members

Engage customers

Our app engages customers at home and drives them to the store - up to 71% of all app visits are made at home

Drive sales

Customers spend 14% more per month after becoming app users, which is driven by 18% more store visits

Keep them engaged

Our features are designed as effective engagement drivers – the more a member interacts with digital channels, the more they spend

Local Communications

Local content and tailored offers in your app and on social media

Build relationships

Empower the local store manager to communicate to local end users or end users in a predefined geofence

Foster a community

Locally create engaging marketing material at an individual store level, or across the whole estate - posts could contain discounts, offers, polls, new or information about local events

Shopping List

Create a frictionless shopping experiences

Drive traffic to the store

Shopping list helps customers keep items, ingredients and offers in the same place

Keep them shopping

Customers spend 21% more in weeks they use the shopping list and 91% of the time, customers go to the store within one week after adding an item to the shopping list

Digital Flyers

App users regularly engage to find the best offers for them each week

Personalise content

Using data, the leaflet can be personalised each week by shuffling pages or prioritising offers most relevant to that app user

Bolster retail media

Advertisers gain a platform to reach their target groups


Inspire consumers with recipes and sponsored ingredients

Make shopping easier

Allows users to search a library of recipes, save their favourites, and add ingredients to their Shopping List in-app or through in-app purchasing

Enhance retail media proposition

Not only do retailers gain a valuable platform to promote private label products included as ingredients, they can also work with CPG’s to sponsor ingredients

Ready to build personalised loyalty experiences?