Loyalty Platform

Turn Loyalty into habits with a centralised loyalty management tool


Keep your most valuable customers shopping with you


Strengthen your value proposition with clear benefits to customers


Say thank you and drive repeat business with customers

Currency Master

A single source of truth for all currency earnt, available and burnt by customers across all channels or brands

Engagement without limits

Earn & burn is  configurable & variable by banner and/or partners in the program, so you can keep track of your own, CPG or supplier funded campaigns in real-time

Influence customer spending

Keep track of CPG or supplier funded campaigns in real-time

Loyalty Member Management

Collate & see all member data in one centralised platform

Seamless access

Access member data via API across any channel (eCommerce, in-store, app) by using any of the data points associated to the Member ID (loyalty ID, email, phone number etc.)

Reporting made easy

Empower Customer Care agents to accurately report current member benefits at any given time

Increase sales

Our clients see customers spend 31% more on reward products


Motivate your customers to move through your tiers, incentivising shoppers to keep coming back to your store

Dynamically assign

Set up rules within the Admin Tool to dynamically assign tiers based on parameters e.g., historical spend per year, active subscriptions, campaigns

Reward your loyal customers

Keep your most valuable customers coming back, by offering them exclusive perks, discounts or even event invitations dependent on which tier they are in

Open up new revenue streams

Option to introduce a new feature in paid-for tiers that offer even richer rewards & experiences for your most engaged members

CO2 Tracker

Encourage customers to monitor the CO2 footprint of their purchase over time, seeing how changes in their shopping habits impact the environment

Keep communication flowing

Suggest easy ways to shop in a climate-friendly way, building an emotional connection with customers

Partner API

Add attractive partner offers to your loyalty program and boost engagement

Expand your program

Include partners so customers can earn or burn currency at your store or other brands in real time

Connecting made easy

Partners can connect to a retailers program via a standard integration and API set, so customers can see any updates to their account immediately

Increase adoption

Set configurable thresholds and parameters based on individual partners or groups, thus providing them more value


Give members access to a wider range of rewards and increase their flexibility when earning & burning

Incentivise participation

Encourage members to build up their balance quicker, or allow them to transfer currency between accounts

Understand shopping habits

Use the data available to enhance your program further, delivering more relevant, personalised content

Ready to build personalised loyalty experiences?