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Bring your vision to life and transform your relationship with customers through an innovative platform that can quickly adapt to ever changing customer needs

Lobyco Connect

The partner for grocery retailers to deliver powerful, personalised engagement across the whole customer journey

Lobyco Connect

Infrastructure & Integration
Loyalty management
Mobile App
Analytics & Reporting


Scan & Pay
Loss Prevention

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Loyalty programs
Loyalty account
Bonus Ecosystem

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Promotions & experiences
Campaign & Audience management
Personalisation Engine

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How to establish a winning loyalty program


Deliver entertaining, contextual & personalised experiences to all your shoppers easily

Fuel relevance through data to power personalised offers, continuity challenges, gamification and local content & offers. You’re able to easily set up personalised or segmented campaigns that target relevant customers only in our intuitive admin tool; meaning happier customers and more profitable retailers.


Monthly active users in just the first 10 months


Game product prizes financed by suppliers during the first 9 months

Recognise cost-savings, streamline your tech stack and use a proven platform that continually innovates

Today’s customer demands more, putting pressure on retailers to deliver. Our comprehensive tool seamlessly merges transactions with loyalty management, so shoppers are able to
not only complete purchases efficiently through our cost effective self-checkout solution, but also receive personalised offers and rewards in real-time, delivering user-centric convenience, personalisation and instant gratification consistently.


Make your loyalty program pay for itself

Inspire loyalty in an increasingly disloyal customer base by switching from mass to personalised promotions, and open up new revenue streams from monetising features within your program that resonate with suppliers.

Modular in nature to offer maximum flexibility

Bring your vision to life and transform your relationship with customers through an innovative platform that can quickly adapt to ever changing customer needs

Admin Website

For marketers and customer support

Backend Services

With APIs for mobile app and administration tools

Integration Layer

To client’s infrastructure (ERP system, PIM database, POS setup etc.)

White-label Mobile App

For shoppers


Does a retailer have to use all of Lobyco’s features?

The short answer - no! We understand that every retailer is unique, which is why our white-label platform embraces a modular approach, allowing retailers to craft a tailored digital platform that fosters customer loyalty and drives footfall to physical stores, all in a manner that aligns with their distinctive preferences. While our award-winning white-label app stands as a testament to our innovation, retailers also have the option to seamlessly integrate our services into their existing app or loyalty platform. The possibilities are endless.

Is it easy to create campaigns?

Absolutely. Our behind the scenes admin tool empowers marketers and customer support teams, so they can continue delivering the best customer experience. This hub becomes the control centre, where strategies are nurtured, and customer interactions are optimised.

How do you integrate?

With our integration layer, we offer a seamless connection to a client's existing infrastructure. Be it the ERP system, PIM database, or POS setup, integration is a breeze. We believe in augmenting the existing strengths of retailers, not disrupting them.

How do your backend services work?

Our backend services seamlessly connect through APIs, effortlessly bridging the gap between the mobile app and administration tools, powering your promotions and build that all important customer loyalty.

What reporting is available?

Our operational dashboard encapsulates a wealth of insights. It offers a comprehensive overview of service status, unified monitoring, and alerts, all across the platform. Flexibility is paramount, and the dashboard can seamlessly integrate with a client's existing setup.

Don’t just take it from us…

Our clients and their success stories

The best part about launching the app was the response from our customers and Tokmanni’s people. We have been consistently getting great feedback on how well it’s been working and how easy it has been to use.
I would definitely recommend the Lobyco app for retailers who are looking to outsource - they provide great back up and support, so we feel we are not with the app ourselves. There is a whole Lobyco team behind us, developing and bringing in extra & new value for the customers.
Working with the Lobyco team has been an exceptional experience from the start. They have gone above and beyond to understand how we operate, ensuring that the solutions they provide are perfectly aligned with our needs and goals. Their approach is remarkably personalized and fun, providing us with dedicated assistance and insightful advice that has been instrumental in achieving our objectives. We've been particularly impressed with their speed and efficiency in implementing solutions, as well as their ability to foresee and capitalize on opportunities for future collaboration. Their proactive and forward-thinking attitude has made them not just a service provider, but a valuable partner in our journey to elevate our loyalty program.
With the rise in demand from the digital consumer, traditional loyalty methods have highly evolved, into highly interactive, intuitive and convenient digital platforms, that offer every customer a unique experience with the brand.
[The app] is a very valuable marketing tool for business, a great way to increase sales, build strong customers relationships and incentivise our customers to keep coming back.

Ready to build personalised loyalty experiences?