Loyalty Amidst Economic Uncertainty

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As inflation looms on, consumer spending habits change. With that, shoppers are more likely to gravitate toward retailers that offer the best value for their money, but from a retailer’s perspective, achieving profitable loyalty can be a challenge. While it may seem like there is value in offering deep discounts to attract customers to opt into programs, a common roadblock amongst retailers is finding a way to balance margins alongside those discounts customers love.

Join industry expert, David Ciancio, and Lobyco CCO, Anders Mittag, as they share their insights & experience, so retailers can build both profitable and loyal relationships with their shoppers.

  • Understand the role a loyalty program plays in the lives of shoppers, with focus on how inspiring and rewarding/recognising can pay dividends in building a relationship
  • Hear practical examples from a grocery retail strategist on how to protect sales and balance margins
  • Discover ways retailers can use messaging to their advantage in building relationships, including personalization

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